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Jun 07



The most recent act of workplace violence in this country occurred in my backyard.  The idyllic home of theme park characters and palm trees is not immune to horrific events like those that occurred this week and the Pulse nightclub disaster last year.  Workplace violence is on the rise and many of us wonder why.  What …

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Sep 22



The recent news about several NFL players engaging in violent and destructive behaviors on and off the field is not surprising.  Being rewarded for physically aggressive behavior in one’s profession can sometimes spill over into one’s personal life.  Certainly there are many variables and factors that are tied to violent behaviors, including power.  Many powerful people …

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Dec 24


We are not in Kansas anymore.  The recent tragedy in Newtown, Conn. is a sad example of how our society has transformed and our nation forever changed.  We can focus our blame on guns, the government, the media, parenting, mental illness or anything else, but blame keeps us stuck without change.  Now is the time to change, regardless …

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Jan 10


By now everyone is aware of the mass shooting in Tucson, Arizona and can only imagine the emotional and physical pain experienced by the victims and their families.  We’re all asking the same question.  Why?  What would motivate a person to do this?  I certainly have no idea what was Jared Loughner’s motivation.  Based on …

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Nov 18


Is violence linked to self-esteem?  Do aggressive people have low or high self-esteem?  It depends on which study you read.  Some are convinced that low self-esteem triggers violence since these individuals experience rejection that leads to the blame of others for their problems.  It could be that individuals with low self-esteem may lack social skills to express their feelings in …

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Nov 11


Why does it seem like violence is on the rise?  Because it is on the rise.  What is causing violence to rise?  Violence is a learned behavior and people are exposed to more of it either at home or in the community.  In fact, studies project that violence will continue to rise.  We can look …

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